ACADIA was formed for the purpose of facilitating communication and critical thinking regarding the use of computers in architecture, planning and building science. The organization is committed to the research and development of computational methods that enhance design creativity, rather than simply production, and that aim at contributing to the construction of humane physical environments. A particular focus is education and the software, hardware and pedagogy involved in education. Visit the main ACADIA website for more information.

Local Host

MIT School of Architecture and Planning
Department of Architecture

Conference Chairs

Takehiko Nagakura
Associate Professor, MIT / Director, Design Computation Group, MIT

Skylar Tibbits
Assistant Professor, MIT / Co-director and Founder, Self-Assembly Lab, MIT

Special Advisors

Dennis Shelden
Director, Digital Building Lab, Georgia Tech

Technical Chairs

Skylar Tibbits (General coordination)
Assistant Professor, MIT / Co-director and Founder, Self-Assembly Lab, MIT

Azra Aksamija (Exhibition Co-chair)
Associate Professor, Art, Culture and Technology Program, MIT

Federico Casalegno (Hackathon Chair)
Associate Professor of the Practice, MIT / Director, MIT Design Lab, Mobile Experience Lab, MIT

Βrandon Clifford (Workshops Chair)
Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, MIT / Co-founder, Matter Design

Joel Lamere (Projects Co-chair)
Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, MIT / Principal, GLD Architecture

Justin Lavallee (Workshops Co-chair)
Technical Instructor / Director, MIT Architecture Shops

Mariana Ibanez (Papers Co-chair)
Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, MIT / Principal, Ibañez Kim Studio

Carl Lostritto (Regional Event Co-hair)
Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, RISD

Caitlin Mueller (Paper Sessions Co-chair)
Assistant Professor, MIT / Co-director, Structural Design Lab, MIT

William O'Brien Jr. (Exhibition Co-chair)
Associate Professor, Department of Architecture, MIT / Principal, WOJR / Co-Founder, CLOK

Dimitris Papanikolaou (Regional Event Co-hair)
Assistant Professor, School of Architecture and Department of Software & Information Systems, UNCC

Cristina Parreño Alonso (Projects Co-chair)
Belluschi Lecturer, Department of Architecture, MIT

Session Chairs

Henri Achten
Associate Professor, Faculty of Architecture, Czech Technical University

Saeed Arida
Founder, NuVu Studio / PhD, Design and Computation, MIT

Pia Fricker
Adjunct Professor, School of Architecture, Aalto University

Joel Lamere
Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, MIT / Principal, GLD Architecture

Sawako Kaijima
Assistant Professor of Architecture, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University

Axel Killian
Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, Princeton University

Simon Kim
Assistant Professor, PennDesign, University of Pennsylvania / Principal, Ibañez Kim Studio

John Klein
Research Scientist, Department of Architecture, MIT / Founder, John Klein Design

Caitlin Mueller
Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, MIT / Co-director, Structural Design Lab<, MIT

Cristina Parreño Alonso
Belluschi Lecturer, Department of Architecture, MIT

Jose Sanchez
Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, USC / Director, Plethora Project

Larry Sass
Associate Professor, Department of Architecture, MIT

Dennis Shelden
Director, Digital Building Lab, Georgia Tech

Lauren Vassey
Research Associate, Doctoral Candidate, Institute for Computational Design and Construction, University of Stuttgart

Kathy Velikov
Associate Professor, Taubman College, University of Michigan

Sarah Williams
Assistant Professor, Department of Urban Planning, MIT / Director, Civic Data Design Lab, MIT

Administrative Team

Patricia Driscoll

Inala Locke

Jesica Nishibun

Peer Review Committee

Project Reviewers
Mania Aghaei Meibodi (ETH Zurich)
Ana Anton (ETH Zurich)
German Aparicio (Gehry Technologies)
David Benjamin (The Living)
Kory Bieg (The University of Texas at Austin) Brennan Buck (Yale University)
Brandon Clifford (Massachusetts Institute of Techology)
Oliver David (University of Stuttgart)
Matias del Campo (University of Michigan)
Christian Derix (Woods Bagot)
Tomas Diez (Ladera Institute of Advanced Architecture Catalonia)
Benjamin Dillenburger (ETH Zurich)
Frederico Fialho Teixeira (The University of Queensland)
Michael Fox (Cal Poly Pomona)
Adam Fure (The University of Michigan)
David Gerber (The University of Southern California)
Kimo Griggs (The University of Washington)
Cynthia Gunadi (GLD Architecture)
Hua Hao (Southeast University)
Alvin Huang (The University of Southern California)
Chikara Inamura Massachusetts Institute of Techology)
Andrej Jipa (ETH Zurich)
Steven Keating (Massachusetts Institute of Techology)
Omar Khan (The University of Buffalo)
Simon Kim (The University of Pennsylvania)
John Klein (Massachusetts Institute of Techology)
Chris Knapp (Bond University)
Gabriel Kozlowski (Massachusetts Institute of Techology)
Jared Laucks (Massachusetts Institute of Techology)
Joel Lamere (Massachusetts Institute of Techology)
Carl Lostritto (Rhode Island School of Design)
Gregory Luhan (The University of Kentucky)
Adam Marcus (California College of the Arts)
Bob Martens (Technische Universität Wien)
Mania Meibodi (ETH Zurich)
Constantinos Miltiadis Graz (University of Technology)
Jonathan Nelson (Bond University)
Catie Newell (The University of Michigan)
Cristina Parreño Alonso (Massachusetts Institute of Techology)
Andy Payne (Harvard University)
Chris Perry (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
Benjamin Rice (The University of Texas at Austin)
Penn Ruderman (Office of Penn Ruderman Architects)
Roi Salgueiro Barrio (Massachusetts Institute of Techology)
Christoph Schindler (SchindlerSalmeron)
Jason Scott Johnson (The University of Calgary)
Amin Tadjsoleiman (NADAAA, VAVStudio)
Josh Taron (The University of Calgary)
Michael Weinstock (The Architectural Association)
Huang Weixin (Tsinghua University)
Andrew Witt (Harvard University)
Achilleas Xydis (ETH Zurich)
Paper Reviewers
Henri Achten (Czech Technical University in Prague)
Sean Ahlquist (The University of Michigan)
Chandler Ahrens (Washington University in St. Louis)
Masoud Akbarzadeh (The University of Pennsylvania)
Aysegul Akcay (Istanbul Kemerburgaz University)
Sema Alacam (Istanbul Technical University)
Suleiman Alhadidi (The University of New South Wales)
Phillip Anzalone (Atelier Architecture 64, NYC College of Technology)
Saeed Arida (NuVu Studio)
Imdat As (The University of Hartford)
Joshua Bard (Carnegie Mellon University)
Martin Bechthold (Harvard University)
Chris Beokrem (The University of North Carolina at Charlotte)
Shajay Bhooshan (Zaha Hadid Architects)
Johannes Braumann (Robots in Architecture)
Anthony Burke (University of Technology Sydney)
Gonçalo Castro Henriques (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)
Panagiotis Chatzitsakyris (UNStudio)
Nancy Cheng (The University of Oregon)
Joseph Choma (Clemson University)
Mike Christenson (North Dakota State University)
Angelos Chronis (Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia)
Kristof Crolla (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Jason Crow (Louisiana State University)
Dana Cupkova (Carnegie Mellon University)
Martyn Dade-Robertson (Newcastle University)
Daniel Davis (WeWork)
Martina Decker (New Jersey Institute of Technology)
Greg Demchak (Synchro Software)
Rachel Dickey (The University of North Carolina at Charlotte)
Mark Donohue (California College of the Arts)
Jefferson Ellinger (The University of North Carolina at Charlotte)
Emre Erkal (Harvard University)
Thom Faulders (California College of the Arts)
Jelle Feringa (Odico Ormwork robotics)
Pia Fricker (ETH Zurich, Aalto University)
Nataly Gattegno (California College of the Arts)
Nick Gelpi (Florida International University)
Marcelyn Gow (Southern California Institute of Architecture)
Derya Güleç Özer (Istanbul Kemerburgaz University)
Onur Gun (New Balance Athletics Inc.)
Ipek Gursel Dino (Middle East Technical University)
Norman Hack (ETH Zurich)
John Haymaker (Perkins+Will)
Mariana Ibañez (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Yasha Jacob Grobman (Technion-Israel Institute of Technology)
Jason Johnson (The University of Calgary)
Nathaniel Jones (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Christian Jordan (Philadelphia University)
Lars Junghans (The University of Michigan)
Bruno Juricic (University of Applied Arts Vienna)
Jyoti Kapur (University of Borås)
Neil Katz (Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP)
Jason Kelly Johnson (California College of the Arts)
Sumbul Khan (Singapore University of Technology and Design)
Axel Kilian (Princeton University)
Axel Koerner (ITKE - University of Stuttgart)
Branko Kolarevic (The University of Calgary)
Reinhard König (Bauhaus-University Weimar)
Sotirios Kotsopoulos (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Robert Krawczyk (Illinois Institute of Technology)
Zachary (Kron Autodesk)
Kihong Ku (Philadelphia University)
Julian Lienhard (HCU Hamburg / str.ucture)
Sandra Manninger (The University of Michigan)
Iain Maxwell (University of Technology Sydney)
Wes McGee (The University of Michigan)
AnnaLisa Meyboom (University of British Columbia)
Panagiotis Michalatos (Harvard University)
Nathan Miller (Proving Ground LLC)