Friday, October 27 - Sunday, October 29 2017
  ACADIA 2017 Hackathon / MIT Media Lab (Building E14) 3rd Floor Lounge

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  Monday, October 30 - Wednesday, November 1 2017
  ACADIA 2017 Workshops / Autodesk BUILD Space

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  Thursday, November 2 2017
  Conference Day 01 / MIT Media Lab (Building E14) 6th Floor

08:00 am Coffee and Light Breakfast / Check - in
09:00 am Opening Remarks by Dean Hashim Sarkis and Chairs
09:30 am Session 1: Project Session (MPR)
Session Chairs: Joel Lamere (MIT), Cristina Parreño (MIT)
Introduction by Session Chairs
Hedracrete: Prefab, Funicular, Spatial Concrete (Akbarzadeh, Masoud; Mahnia, Mehrad; Taherian, Ramtin; Tabrizi, Amir Hossein)
Thermoplastic Concrete Casting (Ng, Tsz Yan; McGee, Wes)
Signal / Noise: Code and Craft in Architectural Drawing (Marcus, Adam)
Taut: Tensioned Surface Morphologies in the Production of Textile Composites (Costanza, David)
IM_RU (Doyle, Shelby; Hunt, Erin)
Monolithic Earthen Shells and Robotic Fabrication (Chaltiel, Stephanie; Bravo, Maite)
AUGMENTED CORAL: An Installation Using Digital Fabrication and Mixed Reality (Tang, Ming; Marcu, Mara)
10:40 am Coffee Break
10:55 am Session 2: Flexible Structures (MPR)
Session Chair: Lauren Vasey (ICD)
Introduction by Session Chair
Large-Scale Lightweight Transformable Structures (Sparrman, Bjorn; Matthews, Chris; Kernizan, Schendy; Chadwick, Aran; Thomas, Neil; Laucks, Jared; Tibbits, Skylar)
PneumaKnit: Actuated Architectures Through Wale- and Course-Wise Tubular Knit-Constrained Pneumatic Systems (Ahlquist, Sean; McGee, Wes; Sharmin, Shahida)
Clay Non-Wovens: Robotic Fabrication and Digital Ceramics (Rosenwasser, David; Mantell, Sonya; Sabin, Jenny)
High Resolution Representation and Simulation of Braiding Patterns (Zwierzycki, Mateusz; Vestartas, Petras; Heinrich, Mary Katherine; Ayres, Phil)
Bending-active Sandwich Shells: Studio One Research Pavilion 2017 (Schleicher, Simon; La Magna, Riccardo; Zabel, Joshua)
12:25 pm Lunch (Lunch Bags provided)
01:25 pm Keynote Lecture: Neri Oxman (MPR)
02:25 pm Coffee Break
02:40 pm Sponsor Talks by Bentley, Perkins & Will, Woods Bagot and CBT Architects(MPR)
02:55 pm Session 3: Smart Materials (MPR)
Session Chair: Sawako Kaijima (Harvard GSD)
Introduction by Session Chair
Magnetic Morphing (Abdel-Rahman, Amira; Michalatos, Panagiotis)
Modulating Thermal Mass Behavior Through Surface Figuration (Cupkova, Dana; Promoppatum, Patcharapit)
Smart Granular Materials: Prototypes for Hygroscopically Actuated Shape-Changing Particles (Dierichs, Karola; Wood, Dylan; Correa, David; Menges, Achim)
Non-Linear Matters: Auxetic Surfaces (Mesa, Olga; Stavric, Milena; Mhatre, Saurabh; Grinham, Jonathan; Norman, Sarah; Sayegh, Allen; Bechthold, Martin)
Embodied Computation – An Actuated Active Bending Tower: Using Simulation-Model-Free Sensor Guided Search To Reach Posture Goals (Kilian, Axel; Sabourin, François)
04:25 pm Coffee Break
04:40 pm Session 4: Full-Scale (MPR)
Session Chair: John Klein (MIT)
Introduction by Session Chair
By Any Means Necessary: Digitally Fabricating Architecture at Scale (Coleman, James; Cole, Shannon)
Multi-Machine Fabrication: An Integrative Design Process Utilising an Autonomous UAV and Industrial Robots for the Fabrication of Long-Span Composite Structures (Felbrich, Benjamin; Früh, Nikolas; Prado, Marshall; Saffarian, Saman; Solly, James; Vasey, Lauren; Knippers, Jan; Menges, Achim)
Realization of a Double-Layered Diamond Vault Made from CLT: Constraint-aware design for assembly, for the first integrally attached Timber Folded Plate lightweight structure, covering a column free span of 20 meters with only 45 millimeter thick CLT plates(Robeller, Christopher; Weinand, Yves)
The Computational Challenges of a Mega Space Frame: Shaping the Envelope of New Mexico City Airport (Tsigkari, Martha; Olsson, Jens; Malm, Henrik; Psarras, Stamatios; Aish, Francis)
Aerial Pop-Up Structures (Staback, Danniely; Nguyễn, MỹDung; Addison, James; Angles, Zachary; Karsan, Zain; Tibbits, Skylar)
06:10 pm Break - Dinner or your own (Recommended places for dinner can be found here)
07:40 pm Keynote Lecture Priority Seating Opens at 10-250
08:00 pm ACADIA Award of Design Excellence and Keynote Lecture: Thomas Heatherwick (10-250 Lecture Hall, Building 10 2nd Floor)
09:00 pm Exhibition Opening and Reception - Drinks and Snacks (Building 9 Lobby)
10:00 pm Evening Meet up (Meetup Locations: Miracle of Science, Middlesex Lounge, Naco Taco, Asgard, Roxy / A4cade. See here to find them.)

  Friday, November 3 2017
  Conference Day 02 / MIT Media Lab (Building E14) 6th Floor

08:00 am Coffee and Light Breakfast / Check - in
09:00 am ACADIA Innovative Research Award of Excellence: Wes McGee (MPR)
09:30 am Session 5: Building Information (MPR) Session 6: Social Computation (Lecture Hall)
Session Chair: Dennis Shelden (Georgia Tech) Session Chair: Saeed Arida (NuVu Studio)
Introduction by Session Chair Introduction by Session Chair
Buildable Performance Envelopes: Optimizing Sustainable Design in a Pre-Design Phase (Thariyan, Elizabeth; Beorkrem, Christopher; Ellinger, Jefferson) A Multisensory Computational Model for Human-Machine Making and Learning
(El-Zanfaly, Dina)
Representing the Aesthetics of Richard Meier’s Houses Using Building Information Modeling (Al-Assaf, Nancy S.; Clayton, Mark J.) Computational Feminism: Searching for Cyborgs (Doyle, Shelby; Forehand, Leslie; Senske, Nick)
A Novel Mesh-Based Workflow for Complex Geometry in BIM (Miller, Nathan; Stasiuk, David) Touch, See, Make: Employing Active Touch in Computational Making (Bacharidou, Maroula)
Algorithmic Design and Analysis Fusing Disciplines (Aguiar, Rita; Cardoso, Carmo; Leitão,António) Open Source Factory: Democratizing Large-Scale Fabrication Systems (Zivkovic, Sasa; Battaglia, Christopher)
Discussion Discussion
10:50 amCoffee Break
11:05 amSponsor Talk by Autodesk (MPR)
11:15 am Session 7: AI & Spatial Data (MPR) Session 8: Representation & Perception (Lecture Hall)
Session Chair: Henri Achten (Czech Technical University) Session Chair: Kathy Velikov (University of Michigan)
Introduction by Session Chair Introduction by Session Chair
Machines’ Perception of Space: Employing 3D Isovist Methods and a Convolutional Neural Network in Architectural Space Classification (Peng, Wenzhe; Zhang, Fan; Nagakura, Takehiko) Introduction to Playable Voxel-Shape Grammars (Savov, Anton; Tessmann, Oliver)
Emergent Syntax: Machine Learning for the Curation of Design Solution Space (Sjoberg, Christian; Beorkrem, Christopher; Ellinger, Jefferson) Zoom Space: The Limits of Representation . (Leach, Neil)
Behavior Analysis and Individual Labeling Using Data from Wi-Fi IPS (Lin, Yuming; Huang, Weixin) In(di)visible: Computing Immersive Environments through Hybrid Senses (Charbel, Hadin; López, Déborah)
Dreams May Come (Steinfeld, Kyle) Optically Illusive Architecture: Producing Depthless Objects Using Principles of Linear Perspective (Hosseini, S. Vahab; Taron, Joshua M.; Alim, Usman R.)
Toward Computational Play (Penman, Scott) Point-Cloud-Paint: A Software Tool for Speculative Urban Design Using Three-Dimensional Digital Collage (Byrne, Ultan)
Discussion Discussion
12:55 pmLunch (Lunch Bags provided)
01:55 pm ACADIA Teaching Award of Excellence: Heather Roberge (MPR)
02:25 pm Education Round Table (MPR)
Round Table Moderators:
Carl Lostritto (Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, Rhode Island School of Design), Dimitris Papanikolaou (Assistant Professor, School of Architecture and Department of Software & Information Systems, UNCC)
Ruairi Glynn ((Director, Interactive Architecture Lab / Lecturer, The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL), Jason Kelly Johnson (Associate Professor, California College of the Arts / Future Cities Lab/ President, ACADIA), Dan O'Sullivan (Associate Dean for Emerging Media, Tisch School of the Arts, Tokyo Broadcasting Chair, Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), New York University (NYU)), Heather Roberge (Chair, UCLA School of Architecture and Urban Design / Founder, Murmur design), Meejin Yoon (Head of the Department of Architecture, MIT /Höweler + Yoon Architecture LLP and MY Studio)
03:25 pm Coffee Break
03:40 pm Sponsor Talks by HKS Line, HDR, Walter P. Moore and Proving Ground(MPR)
03:55 pm Session 9: Design with Data (MPR) Session 10: Information Flows (Lecture Hall)
Session Chair: Axel Killian (Princeton University) Session Chair: Sarah Williams (MIT)
Introduction by Session Chair Introduction by Session Chair
Beyond Heuristics: A Novel Design Space Model for Generative Space Planning in Architecture (Nagy, Danil; Villaggi, Lorenzo; Zhao, Dale; Benjamin, David) Space and Motion: Data-Driven Model of 4D Pedestrian Behavior (Gonzalez Rojas,Paloma)
Designing With Data: Moving Beyond The Design Space Catalog (Brown, Nathan; Mueller, Caitlin) Architectural Optimization and Open Source Development: Nesting and Genetic Algorithms (CLandim, Gabriele; Digiandomenico, Dyego; Amaro, Jean; Pratschke, Anja; Tramontano, Marcelo; Toledo, Claudio)
3D Sampling Textures for Creative Design and Manufacturing (Patel, Sayjel Vijay; Tam, Kam-Ming Mark; Pushparajan, Sanjay; Mignone, Paul J.) A Design Gallery System: Prototype and Evaluation (Mohiuddin, Arefin; Woodbury, Robert; Ashtari, Narges; Cichy, Mark; Mueller, Völker)
Luna Moth: Supporting Creativity in the Cloud (Alfaiate, Pedro; Caetano, Inês; Leitão, António) Crowdsourcing the Obama Presidential Center: An Alternative Design Delivery Model: Democratizing Architectural Design (As, Imdat; Nagakura, Takehiko)
Exploring the Evolution of Meta Parametric Models(Joyce, Sam Conrad; Ibrahim, Nazim) Data-Insight-Driven Project Delivery: Approach to Accelerated Project Delivery Using Data Analytics, Data Mining and Data Visualization(Aparicio, German)
Discussion Discussion
05:25 pm Coffee Break
05:45 pm Keynote Lecture: Jonathan Chemla (MPR)
06:45 pm Break - move to ACT Cube (Building E15-001)
07:00 pm Party Hosted by Swissnex Boston and NCCR Digital Fabrication - Food and Drinks (ACT Cube / Building E15-001 Basement)
10:00 pm Evening Meet up (Meetup Locations: Miracle of Science, Middlesex Lounge, Naco Taco, Asgard, Roxy / A4cade. See here to find them.)

  Saturday, November 4 2017
  Conference Day 03 / MIT Media Lab (Building E14) 6th Floor

08:00 amCoffee and Light Breakfast / Check - in
09:00 amACADIA Academic Program Award of Excellence: Bartlett School of Architecture, B-Pro Program (Gilles Retsin and Manuel Jiménez García) (MPR)
09:30 am Session 11: Nonstandard Fabrication (MPR) Session 12: Design Discovery (Lecture Hall)
Session Chair: Larry Sass (MIT) Session Chair: Pia Fricker (Aalto University)
Introduction by Session Chair Introduction by Session Chair
Rapidly Deployed and Assembled Tensegrity System: An Augmented Design Approach (Anzalone, Phillip; Bayard, Stephanie; Steenblik, Ralph S.) Incorporating Form Diversity into Architectural Design Optimization (Yousif, Shermeen; Yan, Dr. Wei; Culp, Dr. Charles)
Pareidolic Formations (Johnson, Jason S.; Gardner, Guy) Pattern Making and Learning: Non-Routine Practices in Generative Design (Moorman, Andrew)
A Generalized Approach to Non-Layered Fused Filament Fabrication . (Soler, Vicente; Retsin, Gilles; Jimenez Garcia, Manuel) Tangible Immersion for Ecological Design (Tabrizian, Payam; Harmon, Brendan; Petrasova, Anna; Petras, Vaclav; Mitasova, Helena; Meentemeyer, Ross)
Quarra Cairn: Incremental Stability Through Shifting and Removal of Mass (Zayas, Luisel; Brugmann, Dustin; Clifford, Brandon; McGee, Wes; Durham, James) Ivy: Progress in Developing Practical Applications for a Weighted-Mesh Representation for Use in Generative Architectural Design (Nejur, Andrei; Steinfeld, Kyle)
Plato's Columns: Platonic Geometries vs. Vague Gestures in Robotic Construction (Manninger, Sandra; del Campo, Matias) Spaces That Perform Themselves: Multisensory Kinetic Environment for Sonic-Spatial Composition (L'Huillier, Nicole; Machover, Tod)
A Robotic Fabrication Methodology for Dovetail and Finger Jointing: An Accessible & Bespoke Digital Fabrication Process for Robotically-Milled Dovetail & Finger Joints (Page, Mitchell) Discussion
11:10 amCoffee Break
11:25 am Session 13: Virtual Interactions (MPR) Session 14: Performance-Driven (Lecture Hall)
Session Chair: Jose Sanchez (UCLA) Session Chair: Caitlin Mueller (MIT)
Introduction by Session Chair Introduction by Session Chair
Augmented Urban Experiences: Technologically Enhanced Design Research Methods for Revealing Hidden Qualities of the Built Environment (Andreani, Stefano; Sayegh, Allen) A Passive System for Quantifying Indoor Space Utilization (Berry, Jaclyn; Park, Kat)
Game Engine Computation for Serious Engineering: Visualisation and Analysis of Building Facade Movements as a Consequence of Loads on the Primary Structure (Black, Conor; Forwood, Ed) Solar Form Finding: Subtractive Solar Envelope and Integrated Solar Collection Computational Method for High-Rise Buildings in Urban Environments (De Luca, Francesco)
vSpline: Physical Design and the Perception of Scale in Virtual Reality (Arnowitz, Ethan; Morse, Christopher; Greenberg, Donald P.) Bibil: A Performance-Based Framework to Determine Built Form Guidelines (Vasanthakumar, Saeran; Saha, Nirvik; Haymaker, John; Shelden, Dennis)
Shared Realities: A Method for Adaptive Design Incorporating Real-Time User Feedback using Virtual Reality and 3D Depth-Sensing Systems (Krietemeyer, Bess; Bartosh, Amber; Covington, Lorne) Simulation of Sound Diffusion Patterns of Fractal-Based Surface Profiles (Ajlouni, Rima)
Intuitive and Effective Gestures for Conceptual Architectural Design: An Analysis Of User Elicited Hand Gestures For 3D CAD Modeling (Khan, Sumbul; Tunçer, Bige) HalO [Indoor Positioning Mobile Platform]: A Data-Driven, Indoor-Positioning System With Bluetooth Low Energy Technology To Datafy Indoor Circulation And Classify Social Gathering Patterns For Assisting Post Occupancy Evaluation (Hu, Zhengrong; Park, Ju Hong)
Discussion Discussion
12:55 pmLunch (Lunch Bags provided)
01:55 pmACADIA Society Award of Excellence: Bob Martens (MPR)
02:25 pmACADIA Digital Practice Award of Excellence: Lisa Iwamoto & Craig Scott(MPR)
02:55 pmACADIA Autodesk Emerging Research Awards: Gilles Retsin and Manuel Jiménez García (Paper Category), Jane Scott (Project Category) (MPR)
03:25 pmCoffee Break
03:40 pm Session 15: Robotic Fabrication (MPR)
Session Chair: Simon Kim (UPenn)
Introduction by Session Chair
Adaptive Robotic Training Methods for Subtractive Manufacturing (Brugnaro, Giulio; Hanna, Sean)
Towards Force-aware Robot Collectives for On-site Construction (Melenbrink, Nathan; Kassabian, Paul; Menges, Achim; Werfel, Justin)
Robotic Formwork in the MARS Pavilion: Towards The Creation Of Programmable Matter (Sarafian, Joseph; Culver, Ronald; Lewis, Trevor S.)
Robotic Landscapes: Developing Computational Design Tools Towards Autonomous Terrain Modeling (Hurkxkens, Ilmar; Girot, Christophe; Hutter, Marco)
Collaborative Assembly of Digital Materials (Rossi, Andrea; Tessmann, Oliver)
Freezing the Field: Robotic Extrusion Techniques Using Magnetic Fields (Goldman, Melissa; Myers, Carolina)
05:10 pmCoffee Break
05:35 pmKeynote Lecture: Jessica Rosenkrantz & Jesse Louis-Rosenberg
06:35 pmBreak (Move to Samberg Center, Building E52)
07:00 pmACADIA Banquet and Annual Meeting (Samberg Center, Building E52, 7th Floor Dining Room - RSVP only)
10:00 pm Evening Meet up (Meetup Locations: Miracle of Science, Middlesex Lounge, Naco Taco, Asgard, Roxy / A4cade. See here to find them.)
  Sunday, November 5 2017
  MIT Campus & Lab Tour (Sign-up required)

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